Talaat Mostafa Holding

Talaat Moustafa Holding Group has achieved strong financial results during the year 2019, keeping it at the forefront of the real estate sector in Egypt, both in terms of achieving the largest sales in the market with a total exceeding 20 billion pounds, a number that no real estate company has achieved in Egypt, and has also achieved growth in profits. To 10% from the previous year, to record 1.87 billion pounds, topping it the first place in terms of profitability of real estate companies.

Billions of sales Hisham Talaat Moustafa Group not only succeeded in maintaining its leadership and position in the real estate market in Egypt, but also succeeded in increasing its market share by achieving the difficult equation by providing real estate products that suit the needs of the market at reasonable and studied prices, to record total real estate sales amounting to 20.4 billion pounds During 2019, a difference of no more than 4% or 0.9 billion pounds, compared to what the group achieved during 2018, which amounted to 21.3 billion pounds.

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