Achievements of Hesham Talaat Mustafa in the land of my city

Hesham Talaat Mustafa Achievements in the land of my city

Talaat Mostafa Group is one of the giant companies in the field of construction and building in Egypt and the Arab world, where the group has implemented many projects that have been approved and trusted and praised by the public dealing with them, and among those projects is the « Madinaty » project, this giant edifice that attests to The group is exclusively headed by Eng. Hesham Talaat Moustafa.

During the year 2019, « Madinaty » provided many integrated services to its residents, and everyone who lives « Madinaty » has found all the services it needs within the city, without resorting to it outside.

Among those services is the establishment of a real estate tax office within the city walls, the establishment of an office for the real estate month, in addition to operating an environmentally friendly tram in the Open Air Mall, and a events house has been established in the mosque, and an ambulance equipped with an intensive care unit has been provided, in addition to the establishment of a police point « Madinaty », and an office for the civil record, which was officially opened, all this, along with the launch of the Republic’s Five-Day Championship in « Madinaty », and the first « Madinaty » international squash tournament.